Write to the paper posterSTATES OF COMPLAINTS:

CHAIR: Kim Lane Scheppele (Princeton University)

Anne O’Donnell (Princeton University)
Revolution and its Discontents: The Central Bureau of Complaint, 1918-1922

Martin Dimitrov  (Tulane University)
What the Party Wanted to Know: Citizen Complaints as a “Barometer of Public Opinion” in Communist Bulgaria         

László Kürti (University of Miskolc, Hungary)
Men, Women and Trusted Cadres: the Life and Death of a Grievance Committee in Hungary

James Heinzen (Rowan University)
Bribes, Brokers, and a Judicial ‘Zhalobiurokratiia’: Complaints and Corruption in the USSR Supreme Court during Late Stalinism, 1945-1953

DISCUSSANT:  Eugene Huskey (Stetson University)


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